[QTVOTD] Thoughts on Revelation…

Thoughts on Revelation (8/30/2018 – 1/6/2019):   (Sunday’s QTVOTD was not sent but is on www.bourlandweb.com) Yesterday and today I have been going over my notes on Revelation and really trying to ingest the full scope of God’s message to me as I read this book; at this time in my life.   I am confident that if I read this book again in a year I would have entirely new takeaways given by the Holy Spirit.  So, for this time the Sovereignty of God rang through.  God is all powerful, He has a plan that is being acted out as we speak, and His desire is for the eradication of evil but not until it is completed serving the purposes of His plan.  I also realized that I don’t need to understand the symbology or timelines of the end times to comprehend that God, in His infinite wisdom, is concerned with redeeming and saving His children to Himself for all eternity.  If I were to pick a favorite set of chapters it would be Revelation 1:12 – 3:22 (The letters to the 7 churches).  From a Christian walk perspective I have learned that every moment must be saturated in repentance of my sin.  I must hate my sin so much that my entire being yearns to be free from it; realizing that the only one who can give me the strength to fight my sin is the One and Only Messiah.  I must live my life like He is coming back this week.  Being given the a view into the absolute disaster that lies ahead for the unsaved I must press forward to bear witness and speak the good news to all that I can; expecting God to move in His way to draw those to Himself.

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