[QTVOTD] I strive for no earthly man…

“For as you well know, we never resorted either to words of flattery or to any cloak to conceal greedy motives or pretexts for gain, [as] God is our witness. Nor did we seek to extract praise and honor and glory from men, either from you or from anyone else, though we might have asserted our authority as apostles of Christ.” 1 Thessalonians 2:5-6 ->me: What a great passage for the church preacher or evangelist. Paul spends the first ~6 verses of this chapter reaffirming his, Silas’, and Timothy’s innocence in the face of false accusations from persecutors who seek to stop them from preaching the gospel. What I have walked away with this morning is a renewed confidence–When I share the gospel with a nonbeliever I might be put down by them and even accused falsely by others in earshot. However, if my heart remains committed to the Lord in truth and obedience, He is the only witness that matters. I must strive to please my Everlasting Creator not any man who is earthly and temporal.

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