[QTVOTD] Do you value the wrong thing?

“The herdsmen fled and went into the town and reported everything, including what had happened to the men under the power of demons. And behold, the whole town went out to meet Jesus; and as soon as they saw Him, they begged Him to depart from their locality.” Matthew 8:33&34 ->me: This recollection and writing by Matthew about the demoniacs, Jesus’ interchange with them, and the casting them into the pigs that ran down into the water and drowned is an amazing example of Jesus power over the supernatural. As soon as Jesus came up on these possessed men, the demons inside of them called out to Jesus by name, acknowledging Him as the Son of God. But a big part of the story is the town’s people who came out to see what the herdsmen had told them about this Jesus. Notice the wording – The herdsmen fled -> they were scared about what they saw and mostly notably because they had just lost a whole herd of pigs to this Man’s actions. They ‘reported everything…including what had happened to the men under the power of the demons…”. I read this to be that the big new was “Jesus killed our expensive herd of pigs…oh and He also remove the power of demons over these men…”. The towns people rejected Jesus because they preferred their pigs!! What is sad is that I find myself doing this… I can think of many occasions where God has done something amazing but I find the wrong thing to put value in…I miss the bigger news.

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