[QTVOTD] The multitudes…

“And he (the now healed paralytic) got up and went away to his own house. When the crowds saw it, they were struck with fear and awe; and they recognized God and praised and thanked Him, Who had given such power and authority to men.” Matthew 9:7-8 ->me: This is the awesome story of the healing of the paralytic. In Mark we learn that he was lowered down through the roof of the house but here, Matthew chooses to focus on the dialog between Jesus and the Scribes. Jesus had healed this man by saying “your sins are forgiven” and so the Scribes were calling foul, because to assume the authority of God for yourself to forgive sins is blasphemy. Verse 8, for me, has a couple of things that spoke to me this morning. 1) Crowds [many people] saw this. All through the New Testament, we are told that the masses saw the works (Miraculous) of Jesus. Notice that in all the books written that date back to this time, none refute the things that he did. 2) The works of Jesus point to His Father in heaven. “And they recognized God and praised and thanked Him” – They saw Jesus do these works but the praise and acknowledgement of God are what are paramount. 3) Jesus forgives the sin the of the paralytic before He actually pays for those sins with His life on the cross. The concept of forbearance is something that really helped me see that God’s redemptive plan for the world had existed from the beginning. If Jesus could forgive the sin of a man before His death on the cross to pay for those sins then I can fully trust that my sin is forgiven (sin that would not happen until long after His death and resurrection). I am so thankful for the teaching given to us in God’s word and the Holy Spirit He has given to help lead us through it.

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