[QTVOTD] Share what He tells you…

Ben’s QTVOTD – “What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered in the ear, proclaim upon the housetops.” Matthew 10:27 ->me: This verse is why I think it is good for us to share what God is teaching us. Notice Jesus does not say “proclaim on the house tops…and ensure everyone who hears changes their ways”. The instruction here is to pass on the goodness God is sharing with us. Let Him do the work in the hearts of others if it is His will. This verse is one of the reasons I share these with you and post them on www.bourlandweb.com everyday (everyday that I do my QT). It is also why I have given each of you the caveat that these are convictions and learnings God has given me in my reading and time with Him. What He may have for you might be different and applicable to your situation or position on the course to heaven He has set before you. Additionally, I think Jesus told His disciples this because He knew that recounting what they had been taught by Him would be reinforced in their hearts and minds through proclaiming what they had learned. I have so far to go and even this morning as I prayed before my time here before the Word of God, I found myself inadequate for His presence and undeserving of His grace and mercy…but that is the beauty of our God. God requires nothing from me but belief, to receive an inheritance in the Kingdom – it cannot be earned. In grace is the power to fight against temptation and the strength to persevere in this foreign place called earth until He comes; seeking Him and His will for my life.

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