QTVOTD: Sight restored…

“And Jesus stopped and called them, and asked, What do you want Me to do for you?  They answered Him, Lord, we want our eyes to be opened!  And Jesus, in pity, touched their eyes; and instantly they received their sight and followed Him.” Matthew 20:32-34 -> me: In this day and age I find myself desiring to know God more but my sin and passions for this world can blind me from what Jesus has to offer through fellowship with Him.  I love how Jesus STOPPED and then asked the 2 men what they wanted from Him -> He already knew what they needed but proceeded to ask anyway.  Jesus knows our trouble but wants us to make our requests known to Him.  Having pity on them, He restored their sight IMMEDIATELY.  In verse 34 it says that Jesus “touched their eyes [Omma]”.  The word used for eyes here is not the same word the blind men use when they say “we want out eyes [Opthalmos] to be opened”.  Omma is a poetic way to say eyes and might have been used by Jesus to denote a healing more than physical blindness.  This is so cool!  Jesus not only restored their physical sight but gave them a way of seeing that changed their spiritual perspective as well.  I believe that is what God does for me when I believe in His Son and put my trust in His hands.  I receive a perspective I can only have when I am in fellowship with Him; I move into a place of a consistent ‘renewing’ of my mind.

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