QTVOTD: I am grafted into the First-Fruit…

“Israel was holy to the Lord, the first-fruits of his harvest.  All who ate of it incurred guilt; disaster came upon them, declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 2:3 -> me: In the 2 verses preceding, God, through Jeremiah, talks about how He remembered Israel’s love for Him and willingness to follow God anywhere He led them; even into the desert (uncharted territory).  Israel was the first set of chosen people God set aside for Himself…we, through Jesus are the second, grafted into the branch of Israel.  Anyone who came up against Israel suffered disastrous consequences.  As a child of the King being chosen by Him, following Him where ever He leads us, and loving Him to the point of wanting to learn everything we can about Him (like a groom for his bride to be) to get closer to Him Who chose us; I have nothing to fear…anything that rises up to attempt to harm me will be dealt a disastrous blow.  As I read in chapter 1, these are God’s words about His chosen first-fruits, Israel – being that I have been grafted into the vine of Israel, I should expect the same words to apply to me.  So the application is – Am I following God where ever He leads?  Do I love Him like I love my wife, wanting to know Him and understand Him in every way?

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