QTVOTD: Overseer qualities -> Part 3

“…not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money.” 1 Timothy 3:3 -> me: Today we tackle verse 3.  For this post I am just going to jot in here my stream of conscientiousness. 

1) Not given to drunkenness – For this person, drinking never leads to being drunk.  They never desire to be drunk.  Not only alcohol, they also never allow themselves to be controlled by any substance as a vice.  The Lord alone is their refuge/retreat.

2) Not violent, but GENTLE – Does not lash out irrationally.  This person has an intolerance with any violent method.  They have a spirit that is opposed to the escalation of emotions. GENTLE – A spirit of nurturing and seeks peace in all situations.  A calming presence. 

3) Not quarrelsome – Is not baited by controversy (does not feel like every post on Facebook needs an opinionated response).  Affirms truth, but in love and with grace.  Again, a calming nature that does not put themselves in situations that play into the hands of agitators…let alone never being an agitator themselves. 

4) Not a lover of money – Money is about acquisition of things or power; its about the enablement of self-sufficiency.  This person is not motivated by wealth and is not disposed to the building of storehouses.  What this person obtains, easily slips through their hands when a need arises and that person is always prayerfully looking for the needy places that their money can go to further the glorification of God, not themselves. 

All of the negatives listed in this verse should not only be alien to the Christian spirit; they should be ACTIVELY avoided.  A spirit should be fostered that points to considerateness and patient forbearance.

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