QTVOTD: Back after a deep study…

“For those who serve well as deacons gain a good standing for themselves and also great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus.” 1 Timothy 3:13 -> me: Just an update from me today since you have not heard from me for awhile (since the 8th of July).  I have been spending a majority of that time searching God’s word and direction in how we should operate as a church body during a time where there is confusion, fear, doubt, mistrust, and instability.  What I can tell you is that God has been so faithful and merciful to give me several passages that encouraged me and gave me a peace about how to look at all of what is going on.  I shared what God had laid on my heart as part of our elders meeting this last Monday.  This godly group of men has me so humbled.  The love and care they feel for their church flock is overwhelming.  I will be back in the swing of regular quiet times tomorrow and will post my discoveries on what God revealed to me in His word and through His Holy Spirit here on the website in the next couple of days.  I finished the passage in 1 Timothy 3:8-16 on church deacons.  The primary difference I was able to discern was that deacons are impowered to serve the poor and needy.  They are mentioned in Acts 6, Philippians 1:1, and here in 1 Timothy.  Another quality that is mentioned for elders and pastors separate from deacons, is that elders and pastors have the additional role of teaching.  This move to 1 Timothy (and the rest of the pastorals) has been so great!  Thank you for the encouragement Jeff P!

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