QTVOTD: …and of His Kingdom There Will be No End.

The phrase above is from Luke 1:33b where Michael the angel was telling Mary about her Son Jesus she would conceive.

As I was reading, it strangely dawned on me that we are in the ‘No End’ of the Kingdom of Jesus. I usually think of the Kingdom of Jesus beginning when He returns to take us home, at the rapture…but that is not the case, His Kingdom is now. We just need to truly follow Him to genuinely benefit from living in it.

Our ability to live in the freedom of the Kingdom of Jesus is predicated on our faith in the Son as God; the One Who prepares a place for us in Heaven to come. Living in that faith produces the fruit of the Spirit by our obedience to the teaching of Jesus in Gods Word. Think of that! We live in the ‘No End’ Kingdom of Jesus!

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