[QTVOTD] I’ll show you!

“Upon a lofty and high mountain you have openly and shamelessly set your [idolatrous and adulterous] bed; even there you went up to offer sacrifice [in spiritual unfaithfulness to your divine Husband]. Behind the door and the doorpost you have set up your [idol] symbol [as a substitute for the Scripture text God ordered]. Deserting Me, you have uncovered and ascended and enlarged your bed; and you have made a [fresh] bargain for yourself with [the adulterers], and you loved their bed, where you saw [a beckoning hand or a passion-inflaming image].” Isaiah 57:7-8 ->me: Isaiah goes into yucky detail about how the rulers of Israel have so badly strayed from the covenant of the Lord. The ‘lofty mountain’ piece speaks to their arrogance and openness of forsaking the God who has delivered their people from Egypt and exile. The rest of verse 7 and all of 8 have the tone of a defiled marriage bed. In Isaiah’s eyes they had deserted their spouse and not just left but paraded their mistresses in front, beckoning as many as wanted to come as a rubbing in the face. If that was not enough they turned all of their investment toward the empty love of unfaithful adultery; looking on their sexual subject with a sense of accomplishment and longing. This is such a judgement; and indictment of outright rebellion and childlike immaturity of an ‘I’ll show you!’ mentality. Unfortunately I believe this goes in hand with yesterday’s QTVOTD – these false churches and ‘those who do not belong to us’ run around frantic for security, running this way and that, paying any price for acceptance…all the time the acceptance and security is right there, without cost, with the rock-solid-unwavering-truth in the Lord.

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