[QTVOTD] Everyday…

“Of whom have you been so afraid and in dread that you lied and were treacherous and did not [seriously] remember Me, did not even give Me a thought? Have I not been silent, even for a long time, and so you do not fear Me?” Isaiah 57:11 ->me: This verse really struck me today while I was reading through each verse and taking notes. When we find ourselves tied up in the challenges and trials of worldly life, why do we not immediately cling to our God (which is what He wants)? Why do we cling so tightly to worldly solutions to our spiritual corruptness? 4 things shine through – 1) Unbelief is groundless: what is more to be feared than the Lord?? 2) It is sinful: To affirm that the Lord is our God but, in practice, to withhold the reverence due Him and give it to others or other solutions. 3) Inexcusable: to forget all the former mercies, the great acts of the Lord, and to use His name – the very thing He wished to be remembered by – and yet forget Him?? 4) Insulting: The practical ambivalence (really atheism to His rescuing power) of living without Him. Finally – can we seriously say that because we don’t see Him do any great wonders or miracles that we don’t fear Him??? We seriously meet the same criteria of the treacherous activity and audacious disregard of these rulers of Israel that Isaiah is lambasting…everyday. Yet, He loves us…everyday.

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