[QTVOTD] Some won’t come…

“For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you [Jerusalem] in that day shall perish; yes, those nations shall be utterly laid waste.” Isaiah 60:12 ->me: Remember, this is the 1000 year reign after Jesus has returned to the earth and everyone has seen His return. Yet they do not come – Nations in this context is the world outside of the people of God. It is not their alien status which condemns them, but their refusal of Zion’s supremacy. The Lord’s light is there but they will not be drawn. His name is there but they will not come to learn. His compassion is there but they are careless of the threat of His wrath. Their self-chosen fate is to perish. The pride and arrogance of these people is baffling but we have these same people around us today. If the Lord came back this instant there will still be people that will refuse Him. My heart is heavy for these people as I see what the Lord is doing in me and those around me; I am saddened that there will be no hope for them. This actually gives me courage to reach out more; to become brave in my witness and evangelism…either those I witness to will be willing to hear or they won’t. I can walk away praying that the Lord would open their ears and eyes to see Him.

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