[QTVOTD] Behold, Behold, Behold…

“Behold, the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth: Say to the Daughter of Zion, Behold, your salvation comes [in the person of the Lord]; behold, His reward is with Him, and His work and recompense before Him. and they shall call them the Holy People, the Redeemed of the Lord; and you shall be called Sought Out, a City Not Forsaken.” Isaiah 62:11-12 ->me: The ending of this chapter is so awesome! 3 “Beholds” are called out in verse 11 – 1) The invitation goes out with the Lord’s own authority. 2) Zion is alerted to her own salvation; Zion’s salvation is the world’s salvation. It is what the Lord Himself undertook and then committed to the Anointed One (59:16). The New Testament thinks here of the ever-imminent return of Jesus (Phil 3:20-21 & Heb 9:28). The completed task of the One Who comes. His reward and recompense are the “Holy People” (Heb 12:2). Then verse 12 tells us that on that day we will be called: “The Holy People” glorified and made righteous through the work of the Holy One. “The Redeemed of the Lord” Those who have been rescued from the world and bondage of sin. “The Sought Out Ones” Those whom the Lord has gone to great lengths to secure for Himself. “A City Not Forsaken” The City on a hill, the bride of the bride groom; the protected and Holy City of God.

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