[QTVOTD] Abundant strength…

“​WHO IS this Who comes from Edom, with crimson-stained garments from Bozrah [in Edom]? This One Who is glorious in His apparel, striding triumphantly in the greatness of His might? It is I, [the One] Who speaks in righteousness [proclaiming vindication], mighty to save!” Isaiah 63:1 ->me: The watchmen see the Son of God coming from afar off; from the land of Edom. Edom means ‘red’ and is the land of Esau. Bozrah means ‘vintage’ matching the winepress motif. The watchmen can only see generalities from their distance but they see a lot as he comes toward them. 1) His garments: some commentaries say they could not see that they were crimson-stained yet only that they were ‘sharp’ in color. Maybe vivid in color. 2) His Splendor: Not a bedraggled figure but entirely majestic. 3) His triumphant gait: The purposeful and energetic walk of One Who is confident. 4) His Strength: There is no weakness, not even withstanding that He comes, as we learn, from battle-tiredness. He is brimming with vigor. Who is He??? He is a speaker: He was first introduced in Isaiah as endowed with the word in vengeance and salvation. When He donned His garments He vowed not to keep silent. (Revelation 9:13,21) Now He speaks again, and does so as One whose Righteousness is intact and whose self-awareness is that He is Mighty to Save. Mighty greatness is ‘abundant’. Merely ‘great’ strength could rise to an occasion and then, perhaps, be spent; ‘abundant’ strength cannot be exhausted, and as abundant as His strength so is His Salvation, inexhaustible in it efficiency. This is my Savior Who goes before me. This is the one Who wielded His sword and cut down death and sin. Reading ahead, I can already tell my Quiet Time tomorrow is going to be a doozy.

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