[Day 10] A Study of 1 John

Top Level Notes for 1 John 2:22-26

  • Verse 22: Who is more of a liar than the one who denies that Jesus is the Messiah? That person is an “anti-Christ”; one who over and over again denies and refuses to acknowledge the Father and the Son.
    • Anti-Christ here is meant in the abstract not personal. To deny that Jesus is the Christ, or that He is the Son of God, or that He came in the flesh, invalidates the whole.
  • Verse 23: Anyone who has denied Jesus has also denied God the Father. However, anyone who confesses and acknowledges the Son has the Father also.
  • Verse 24: As for you -> the church, hold fast to what you have heard from the beginning. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we continue to hold onto what we know to be true then we will actually be dwelling with the Father and the Son always!
    • (Keep in your heart what you heard from the beginning) Seed that has taken root
    • You will dwell -> that seed in us will transform us into the likeness of Him.
  • Verse 25: Jesus Himself has promised us THE LIFE, the ETERNAL LIFE.
    • Permanent consummation of abiding in the Son and in the Father.
  • Verse 26: The reason that John is writing these down is so that we have something to reference when others are attempting to lead us astray.
    • I think this is so important -> that we should always look to the word ourselves so that the Lord through His Holy Spirit can confirm in us the truth.

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