[Day 13] A Study of 1 John

Today I spent time dwelling on and consuming the analogy that God had laid on my heart last night when reading some of the commentaries on 1 John 3:1-3.  This picture of a Target being our ultimate goal of being like Christ (doing what He did and operating in our mind and action as He did here on earth).  There are the winds of the world that try to blow our arrows off target (anything missing the mark is sin).  The elements of satan like rain blurring our vision and frightening us.  The distraction of media and things as well as our own pursuits constantly draw our aim away from the Target.  But!  We have the straight ruler of God’s Word to set our aim down range; we have the work of Jesus through the Holy Spirit spotting scope to give us direction and changes based on the Winds of the World and this flesh that loves to receive the signals (elements) of satan that threaten to get in our way.  With the Holy Spirit spotting scope our trajectory can still be true.



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