[Day 12] A Study of 1 John

Top Level Notes for 1 John 3:1-3

  • Verse 1: God’s love has to be so great because that love has compelled Him to make us one of His own, like Jesus, but through Him. Jesus is our Savior and Big Brother. WE ARE HIS KIDS; WE ARE PARTAKERS IN THE INHERITANCE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
    • We as children of the Almighty are not understood or known by the world because they do not know or understand Jesus.
    • The world’s whole course is one great act of non-recognition of God.
  • Verse 2: Again, John states that we are God’s children (here and now).
    • Though not recognized as such by the world. As a consequence we look for the visible manifestation of our sonship, which ‘not yet’ has taken place.
    • We do not yet know the inconceivability glorious “what we shall be” — What further glory we shall attain by virtue of our sonship.
    • “We shall see Him as He is” – more like we will perceive Him in all that He is with all knowledge of/in spiritual wisdom.
    • “We will be like Him” – We will have the facilities physically, spiritually, and mentally to comprehend all that He is and does.
  • Verse 3: Resting upon Him -> grounded in His promises we are made righteous. God justifies completely and those justified are glorified.
    • In order to be justified you must be called.
    • When you have the Hope of seeing Jesus how he truly is and becoming who we will become then we act in such a way that we are always ready to see Him confidently; not needing any adjustment of the heart when we are caught up to be Him when he returns. When we live this way then we naturally strive to live in a way that we are ready -> we cleanse ourselves to be pure as He is pure.

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