[Day 24] A Study of 1 John

Top Level Notes for 1 John 5:7-10

Verse 7&8: Two or three witnesses were required by law to constitute adequate testimony.

  • In heaven – the unseen Father, the Word before time, and the influence of the Holy Spirit are all that is needed in the spiritual realm. All powers and principalities know who the Father, Word, and Holy Spirit are.
  • On earth we have 3 witnesses:
    • The Spirit of God:
      • Talked to Abraham
      • Talked to Moses, Joshua, Isiah, and the prophets.
      • Descended upon Jesus in His Baptism in the Jordan.
    • The Water:
      • Those who saw Jesus baptized and the ministry that followed the water and proclamation of the Spirit that Jesus is the Son of God.
    • We have the Blood:
      • The crucifiction and death of the sinless sacrifice that justifies and purifies us.

Verse 9: We accept man’s testimony -> the testimony of the apostles and men of God who witnessed the water, the Spirit, and death of our Savior. How much more then shall we depend on and believe the testimony of the Almighty.

  • What the Lord has said will justify us for all eternity -> MUST be so.

Verse 10: So, if I believe in the Son of God, then I have the witness of God living/dwelling in me. When my heart is following and loving God in all that I do, all I need to do is listen to the Lord’s voice inside of me to hear His attesting of the Truth.

  • The person who does not believe in God essentially throws the testimony of the witness of God out the window and virtually calls Him a liar. This person has not believed all of the evidence set forth by God regarding His Son.

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