[Day 23] A Study of 1 John

Top Level Notes for 1 John 5:6

Verse 6: He (Jesus) that came by water AND blood.

  • Jesus’ ministry was inaugurated by the baptism in the Jordan.       He received the Father’s testimony to His Messiahship and Divine Sonship.
    • In John 1:32-34, John himself, “saw and bare record that Jesus Christ is the Son of God”.
    • Baptism of the water and spirit with He has instituted as a standing seal and means of incorporation with Him.
  • With His own blood He entered in once into the Holy place of heaven.
    • These two past facts as witnessed by John are this abiding testimony to us, by virtue of the permanent application to of their cleansing and atoning power.
  • It is the infallible withness of the Holy Spirit that gives authority to the water and blood sacraments of purification into the body of Christ.

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