[QTVOTD] Don’t be a beast!

“I said in my heart regarding the subject of the sons of men, God is trying (separating and sifting) them, that they may see that by themselves [under the sun, without God] they are but like beasts.” Ecclesiastes 3:18 ->me: Animals don’t have any sense about what they must or want to do/accomplish before they die. They don’t try to make a lasting mark to be remembered, they just exist and then perish. What I think the Preacher is saying here is that God, through the grinding in and out of life He tries to help us see that by ourselves and in toil for our own gain, or our own mark on society is, in the end, no different than dying like an animal. Nothing is carried forward or makes a difference beyond ‘under the sun’ without God. When God is our goal and the glory of what is done on earth is given to and is for Him, then the impact we have is in the body of His Son…Jesus is glorified, our witness lands true, our eternity is impacted for the better. Those of you following me for awhile know that pride is one my biggest struggles. I pray everyday that God gives me strength to make a discernable tear in the veil of my pride that mutes His face.

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