[QTVOTD] No comforter and driven by envy.

“Better is a handful with quietness than both hands full with painful effort, a vain striving after the wind and a feeding on it.” Ecclesiastes 4:6  ->me:  Why don’t we listen to the writer of Ecclesiastes??  His observations are timeless.  4:1-3 describe a life ‘under the sun’ (without God) as a life without an Ultimate Comforter; a life that has disappointment, evil and wickedness that force many to suicidal thoughts; in their minds…maybe better to have never been born at all.  Then 4:4-6 talks about the root of all toil and ambition being envy and human rivalry.  Beneath the surface of human energies is the restless desire to out class others.  Tell me this is not the description of everyone you know who is not grounded in the word and following the example of Jesus everyday…conversely, the drop out with their total indifference just end up consuming themselves (destroying their own flesh) with idle “folded” hands or seeking the drug/substance that allows them to sit idle in bliss.  When we have our minds and hearts fixed on an eternal hope, we no longer cup both of our hands to possess as much of this world as possible; instead we grasp the gift of God with one hand and hold out the other to rescue as many to the Kingdom as possible.

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