[QTVOTD] Words in prayer reflect the heart…

“Be not rash with your mouth, and let not your heart be hasty to utter a word before God. For God is in heaven, and you are on earth; therefore let your words be few.” Ecclesiastes 5:2 ->me: Careless words are a reflection of the inner life; it is the heart that speaks forth a word.  Heaven is a reminder to us of God’s greatness -> the location of His glory.  Even the Lord’s Prayer in Mark 11:35 says to pray “our Father Who is in heaven…”.  Thinking before I pray is huge and I also try to correct immediately if I sense I am being different with my words than what I feel in my heart.  Here are the things I ask myself -> Is what I am saying in my prayer true to what is in my heart and what I know to please the Lord?  Am I using wit or buzz words to impress God or others (…put a hedge of protection around…rather than the normal way to say -> God please protect them).  Am I limiting God by questioning His actions or allowing something to happen?  So, here are my thoughts on prayer:  Let the Holy Spirit do the intercession on my behalf.  Get the words as close to the truth (good or bad) of what’s in my heart.  Humble myself in acknowledgement the He is so much greater and all-knowing than me.  What is best for me is what God wills.  I should make requests but acknowledge that what He chooses is ultimately what I want.


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