[QTVOTD] God’s gift to sooth anger…

“If the temper of the ruler rises up against you, do not leave your place [or show a resisting spirit]; for gentleness and calmness prevent or put a stop to great offenses.” Ecclesiastes 10:4 ->me: I really appreciate this call by the Preacher not to run from the anger of your boss or someone in power above you. Stay there and don’t panic in fear or desert in bitterness. Through the Christlike character God is building in me, the Lord gives me the ability to sooth anger with a calm forbearance. This is where having a close/consistent communication pipeline open with God comes into play in amazing ways. It says a lot about Jesus in me when I humbly listen while quietly praying for wisdom and words of a disarming nature. More often than not your stock will rise when your boss or leader sees you humbly and meekly stand in the fray and extinguish the flame of the situation through soothing acknowledgement and/or wise solutions. Thank you Lord for the undeniable presence of Your Spirit in times in my life.

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