[QTVOTD] Take the time to do it right…

“If the ax is dull and the man does not whet the edge, he must put forth more strength; but wisdom helps him to succeed.” Ecclesiastes 10:10 ->me: There is something about this verse that really rings true with me.  Whet -> to sharpen.  A wise axeman takes the time to prepare his tools.   The foolish one will in haste run out to chop wood without tending to his equipment…because of his dull blade he will spend way more effort than is necessary to do the job.  This is a great reminder to slow down or be prepared for life’s situations.  Slow down, take stock, and do the work beforehand…everything will go so much smoother.  The biggest one I can think of is what I am doing here – I am spending time every day to learn to wield my sword and correctly wear the armor; all the while leaning on my Lord more and more so that I am prepared for when trial comes.

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