[QTVOTD] Satan cannot harm without God’s approval.

“Then out of the smoke locusts came forth on the earth, and such power was granted them as the power the earth’s scorpions have.” Revelation 9:3 ->me: Sorry folks, you are going to get a lot of references and points back to my recent trip to Mexico reinforcing God’s Word of application into my life.  🙂  On Sunday morning at Calvary Chapel Rosarito a few of us were confronted by a woman who threatened ours and our families lives (saying either she or her brothers would hunt us down and shoot us) because of where we were from and the fact that we were unable to break her 500 peso bill.  I must internalize the fact that evil has no authority that is not given to it by God.  NOTHING!  So, what am I to do when faced by evil?  Be afraid?  Run?  Withdraw from the plan and purposes I know God has me on?  No.  Threats are not the same as harm.  I believe the biggest weapon satan wields is the one of accusation and fear mongering…working to either distract me or scare me away from the work God has me there to do.  God must approve any harm to befall me initiated by evil forces.  This must be viewed as a comfort and thought provoking exercise.  Comfort in that I can move forward in the face of fear, accusation, persecution, and scorn.  Thought provoking when I am allowed to be touched by satan – to ponder and search what the Lord’s ultimate purposes are through that approval.  The more satan comes against a good work I am doing, the more dedicated I should be to completing it.

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