[QTVOTD] We can’t know everything…

“And he (the mighty angel who was robed in a cloud, with a halo like a rainbow over his head, face like the sun, and legs like columns of fire) shouted with a loud voice like the roaring of a lion; and when he had shouted, the seven thunders gave voice and uttered their message in distinct words, and when the seven thunders had spoken (sounded), I was going to write [it down], but I heard a voice from heaven saying, Seal up what the seven thunders have said! Do not write it down!” Revelation 10:3-4 ->me: This is one of the most mysterious passages I have read in the entire bible.  We are not told what/who the ‘seven thunders’ are but we are told that they spoke in words in that John understood distinctly.  How interesting that this would even be mentioned; in all of my reading, one thing has become clear -> God has a reason for saying everything that He does in scripture.  Nothing is left out that is needed to be said and nothing is there that is not relevant to His instruction to us.  So, if I read this in that context then there are things that I cannot know and that is because it is best if I don’t know.  The Lord knows what is best for us and I need to know that He is not going to reveal everything; I need to have FAITH in His sovereignty.  This angel was also holding a ‘little book’ -> I think this is the Word of God…if that is the case then even though I may not get to hear what the seven thunders said I do have all that I need in the rest of the Bible, the very book in which this mighty angel was holding.  I feel like the Lord is reminding me not to get discouraged when I don’t understand everything.  I am just to stay in His Word and rest in the peace that He will continue to reveal exactly what I need to know through His Holy Spirit until He returns.

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