[QTVOTD] Live like I understand what is to come…

“And they sang the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb, saying, Mighty and marvelous are Your works, O Lord God the Omnipotent! Righteous (just) and true are Your ways, O Sovereign of the ages (King of the nations)!  Who shall not reverence and glorify Your name, O Lord [giving You honor and praise in worship]? For You only are holy. All the nations shall come and pay homage and adoration to You, for Your just judgments (Your righteous sentences and deeds) have been made known and displayed.” Revelation 15:3-4 ->me: John now sees an amazing vision of the victorious Saints who did not worship the beast or his image and did not take his mark.  They are standing beside what John calls a glassy sea with elements of fire, playing harps given by God and singing what is in these 2 verses.  This morning as I was driving into work I was burdened by my own unawareness of God’s purity, holiness, and grandeur.  I easily ho-hum through life here on earth totally unaware of God’s amazing power manifested in the sights and sounds of heaven.  What would my view of God be if I actually witnessed some of what John describes of heaven?  Well, I have the answer right here -> these saints singing have come through unspeakable pain and persecution for the Name of their Lord God Almighty and now experience what hope in the God of the universe produces.  They are overcome with gratitude, reverence, and joy for their King Who they now see has been faithful to His promises all along.  I want to live a life that acknowledges what this is all about, what faith in the Almighty God will produce one day.  Lord God in heaven, help me to understand the power and glory associated with Your Name, that I might respectfully and reverently approach Your throne in prayer understanding the joy that lies ahead in Your Heaven.

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