[QTVOTD] No other words needed…

“I also heard the angel of the waters say, Righteous (just) are You in these Your decisions and judgments, You Who are and were, O Holy One!  Because they have poured out the blood of Your people (the saints) and the prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. Such is their due [they deserve it]!  And [from] the altar I heard [the] cry, Yes, Lord God the Omnipotent, Your judgments (sentences, decisions) are true and just and righteous!” Revelation 16:5-7 ->me: Tonight I started chapter 16 which goes through the execution of God’s final judgement by sending the angels out one after the other with different plagues.  Right before verse 5 here, the first angel poured out the plague of boils (on every person with the mark of the beast or worshiped him), the second angel turned the ocean into blood (not just any blood – blood from a decaying corpse -> awful), and then the third angel turn the remaining waters (lakes, streams, fountains, etc) to blood.  Then there is this little interlude where John hears the angels acknowledging the true and just wrath and indignation of God (indignation means – anger or annoyance provoked by unjust or unfair treatment).  The Meat: God’s choices for how He punishes are right and fit the crime.  If I had never been saved by my belief and surrender to Jesus, I would be looking down the barrel of all of God’s wrath and punishment.  When I see the terror and ferociousness of God’s wrath I think on what Jesus endured, not only physically but mostly spiritually, on the cross to pay for my sin.  I read though the rest of this chapter hearing the plagues one right after the other; doled out by the Almighty God…I deserve this…I should incur this judgement…but God in His mercy has provided a way for all of me to avoid this wrath…by placing my due on His Son.  Man..I just don’t have any other words.

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