[QTVOTD] NOTHING is impossible…

“But He said, What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Luke 18:27 ->me: Oh how good it was to be back in the Word today.  After starting Micah the other day I really struggled to find time to set aside for the only one that really matters in my life.  The busy-ness of what work and life are contributing right now have been a distraction beyond words…but that doesn’t matter.  Yes, work is good, and family/church activities are good, but my God is better.  This verse today helped remind me Who He is, what He is capable of, and the weakness that I represent.  What seems impossible by my measuring stick is trivial to God.  Running to Him, in these times especially, is the first thing I should do; not use Him as a last resort when I have either hit the end of my rope or finally have time for Him.  There is always enough time for Him.  He has shown me this over and over again.  Thank you Lord for the reminder that You alone are everything!  You alone can solve any problem I have.  You alone can give me peace in the midst of the storm/trial.

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