[QTVOTD] God and I together every day…

“Therefore I [Micah] will lament and wail; I will go stripped and [virtually] naked; I will make a wailing like the jackals and a lamentation like the ostriches.” Micah 1:8 ->me:  What hit me today was more in the Oswald Chambers devotional than this verse but they are so appropriately brought together.  I have not chosen to see this busy time at work as an opportunity to be alone with God.  I know that sounds weird but go with me for a minute -> God uses many different circumstances, situations, and life trials to teach us about the inadequacies of our human selves.  I have been struggling to, within my own might, make time to get close with the Lord in quiet times; and these are absolutely a must.  However, I have been getting down on myself for not making them happen.  So, while I am in this state where all of my time is consumed with work and the very little of it not, spending with family…why not see this as a prime opportunity to just listen and respond to what the Lord is teaching me in this place.  This time will pass and I will be right back to an easier time of quiet moments with Lord and His word.  It would be just like satan to use my feebleness and self loathing as a way to keep my mind off what the Lord is revealing to me in this time.  Why not see it as the Lord and I in this together, taking small moments to listen and grow in Him.  Small moments == walking from building to building at work reciting memorized verses and dwelling on them or worshipping in my car to and from work.  Tomorrow you are going to see a new format to my QTVOTD implementing a new way of staying accountable to living with the goal of growing closer to the Lord every day.

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