[QTVOTD] Sometimes our good intentions are not God’s will…

“Because it was our will to come to you. [I mean that] I, Paul, again and again [wanted to come], but Satan hindered and impeded us. For what is our hope or happiness or our victor’s wreath of exultant triumph when we stand in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming? Is it not you? For you are [indeed] our glory and our joy!” 1 Thessalonians 2:18-20 ->me: These last couple of verses of chapter 2 are so intriguing. ‘it was OUR will to come to you’…notice he doesn’t say it was the Lord’s will. He even reinforces in the next couple of words that it was HE PAUL who again and again wanted to come. BUT satan (sorry, I refuse to capitalize this name) hindered and impeded. I am relatively sure that if would have been God’s will for Paul, Silas, and Timothy to come then they assuredly would have. So, what do we have instead? THIS LETTER! This awesome letter that has been included into the written word of God! Maybe if they had made it the letter would never have been written and we would not have it today. Lastly, I love how Paul signifies that their Hope, Happiness, and victors wreath even, is the Saints whom they have been teaching, admonishing, and encouraging. This is a view I need – that investment in people is the greatest one we can make here on earth…an investment that has huge dividends when we enter the Kingdom of God!

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