[QTVOTD] …you can do more

“FURTHERMORE,BRETHREN, we beg and admonish you in [virtue of our union with] the Lord Jesus, that [you follow the instructions which] you learned from us about how you ought to walk so as to please and gratify God, as indeed you are doing, [and] that you do so even more and more abundantly [attaining yet greater perfection in living this life]. For you know what charges and precepts we gave you [on the authority and by the inspiration of] the Lord Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 4:1-2 ->me: This is a reminder that even when I feel like I am doing a great job following the Lord and seeking Him…I can do more. What I find is the closer I get to my King, the further away I realize I am from Him. There are so many more things I need to ask the Lord to reveal to me about what keeps me from being like His Son.

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