[QTVOTD] Righteousness grows faith!

“For in the Gospel a righteousness which God ascribes is revealed, both springing from faith and leading to faith [disclosed through the way of faith that arouses to more faith]. As it is written, The man who through faith is just and upright shall live and shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17 ->me: Over the last 2 weeks my accountability partner and I have been taking a passage of scripture and focusing on it all week. Last week was Colossians 1:9-10 and this week it is Romans 1:17-22. The goal is to memorize the passage committing it to memory and sending each other thoughts on the passage throughout the week. The week culminates with reciting the passage to our spouses from memory. Ok, that is the backstory and we are do ok at it. The snow has caused hiccups in our ability to connect but on the days I dive in, the passages have been so thought provoking. Let me try to put this verse into words that spoke to me. In the good news of the gift of Jesus rises a righteousness that is attributed to us by God. This righteousness not only comes from that belief in Jesus but living righteously leads us to having even more faith! The ‘As it is written’ part comes from Habakkuk 2:4 – “Look at the proud; his soul is not straight or right within him, but the [rigidly] just and the [uncompromisingly] righteous man shall live by his faith and in his faithfulness.” I love this!

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